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General Discussion / Re: Selfish argument for altruism?
« Last post by firehawk on Today at 07:47:54 PM »
Getting selfish people to recognize that making the world is a better place is just a first step.  That's not in dispute.

But it's a first step.  They won't take that first step if the only arguments they are exposed to are logical ones.
General Discussion / Re: Hoy EU*-folks
« Last post by firehawk on Today at 07:45:16 PM »
Yes!  Stop fiddling with clocks. Just change the time you get up, go to bed, do business, or whatever.

Lots of places have winter and summer hours already anyway, to take advantage of the extra daylight naturally provided by it just being summer, without any clock-twiddling.

But we're such stubborn creatures of habit (and control freaks, for many of the companies) that we'd rather screw with clocks and pretend there's extra time being "created" than just bloody get up earlier or later.

Luckily, in Arizona we've moved past that silliness.  I haven't heard a SINGLE PERSON who's moved or visited here ever lament the lack of DST.
Then I got nothin'.  I'm still getting updates.  Dunno why yours aren't.
All 4 machines (gamebox, mule, and both laptops) are built from SP1 install media on USB stick.
General Discussion / Re: Hoy EU*-folks
« Last post by mote on Today at 10:57:28 AM »
It would be far more sensible to just move the standard business hours an hour earlier all year and leave the clocks alone. That would provide more daylight after work in winter. I will get an hour extra shortly in the southern hemisphere, but the effect does not last.

General Discussion / Re: Selfish argument for altruism?
« Last post by mote on Today at 10:54:30 AM »
What I am saying is that while it has merit, it only takes the first of several steps.

The selfish need to be made aware that they are dependent on the rest of us, and that looking after the whole planet is looking after them.

if they take too much, then others will want to reclaim a share of what they have, and no fences or security will work beyond the very short term. It might look like it works, but there will be revolution and violence, when everyone looses.

Did one or both start off life as Win7 SP1, or were they Win7 Vanilla that had SP1 applied later?

Stupid as it sounds, if the latter, that might be the problem.  Microsoft MIGHT (my speculation) be treating them as two different products, as far as update support goes.
...none of them show any hidden updates. ~:[
Dunno what to tell you, then.  I'm still getting monthly "rollups" and I've never accepted 2952664.  The last one I got, just a couple weeks ago was:

2018-03 Security Monthly Quality Rollup for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB4088875)

Maybe you hid another prerequisite for it a while back?
...the last thing it shows me receiving as an "update" for the OS was 3150513 on 12/21/17, which was the day that I ran WU after smoking the machine down to the inodes and reinstalling. Since then, I've gotten 3 iterations of 890830 MSRT and .NET 4.7.1 on this machine - no 2952664 because I refuse it each time.

The mule that I burnt down and rebuilt on the 28th shows the same things.

The laptop that's been in service since the last burndown in May '17 shows the same things.

I see =nothing= from February OR March aside from the MSRTs on any of these three machines.
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